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Business Services

Business Services

In the early years, the lines between your personal finances and the finances of the business can be very blurry.

When you add employees and executives, those lines become more clear but often more complex. Wherever you find yourself (even planning to start a business) we are here to help and to grow with you and your business. Our assessment process will help you identify where you and your business are in the growth process and the key areas of planning that should be front and center.


  • Business Valuation
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Employee Benefit Planning
  • Risk Management


  • Buy/Sell Funding
  • Key Employee Planning
  • Retirement & Profit Sharing
  • Owner Exit Strategy

Beyond the start-up phase, all planning – both personal and business – largely hinge on the understood value of your company. There are many ways and methods of doing a valuation. While certified valuations may be required in the future, they can take months to complete and cost as much as $10,000 or more. We offer an informal valuation to assist in your planning efforts.

Ready to connect the future to the present?

It all starts with a call. Let’s talk more about your future, your present, and the path that will connect the two. If you have questions and want to start with a conversation, click on the “Book a Consultation” button. If you’re ready to dive in head first, click the “Get Started” button to start our onboarding process.