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What life insurance can do for you

Take care of your kids
Life insurance can pay for child care and other daily necessities that you as a stay-at-home or working parent do or pay for.

Provide for a special-needs child
Life insurance can provide for the well-being of a special-needs or disabled child.

Pay child support
Divorced parents can use life insurance to secure the financial future of their child as part of a divorce settlement with child support.

Replace your earned income
Life insurance can replace your earned income to help your family pay daily expenses. If you as the breadwinner would die, your life insurance would provide for your family.

Cover your personal debt or co-signed loans
Life insurance can repay personal debt such as your credit cards or student loans. Name as your beneficiary your loan co-signer or someone who would have to repay your debt if you would die.

Cover estate taxes
Provide money for your heirs to pay taxes on an inheritance.

Cover your mortgage
Homeowners can use life insurance to cover mortgage payments. Your family will not have to move if you die.

Supplement your retirement
Life insurance can supplement your retirement savings.

Leave an inheritance
Use life insurance to leave an inheritance for your family.

Pay for your funeral or final expenses
Your memorial service and final expenses can be paid for by life insurance.

Share your wealth via charitable giving
Your life insurance policy can be used to benefit a nonprofit or charitable cause you care about.

Pay off business debt or taxes
Life insurance can pay off your business debt, pay taxes if ownership of your business is transferred as part of your estate, or pay for a business partner to buy out your share via a buy-sell agreement.

The cost and availability of life insurance depend on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance purchased. Before implementing a strategy involving life insurance, it would be prudent to make sure that you are insurable by having the policy approved. As with most financial decisions, there are expenses associated with the purchase of life insurance. Policies commonly have mortality and expense charges. In addition, if a policy is surrendered prematurely, there may be surrender charges and income tax implications.