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Bob Weissbein CWS®

Bob Weissbein CWS®


Bob began his career in financial services in December 1982 with a Wall Street Investment firm. After undergoing extensive training for 5 months Bob began working with clients in Clearwater Florida. Many had recently retired to Florida from “up North” having sold their business, their house, or separated from employment with some company. All had one thing in common. A lump sum of money and little experience with creating and income from such a sum that they would feel comfortable could last them for their lives while leaving a legacy for their children.

While “Income Planning” is currently a “hot topic” among advisors, Bob has been doing it for more than 30 years.

In addition to recent retirees Bob works with many clients who are committed to their financial future and need help navigating the course to pursue their goals. With longevity comes the satisfaction of assisting many individuals and families who became clients when they were in their late 40’s and early 50’s to their 60’s and who are now in their 70’s - 90’s and enjoying the benefits of the relationship with Bob and guidance he has provided over the years.

Many clients rely of Bob for financial advice outside of their investments including evaluating offers of employment, purchases and sales of their businesses, major purchases and financing arrangements.

Bob is married to Rhonda, since 1976 and lives in Davie since 2002. Bob and Rhonda have three grown sons and a Schnoodle, Jasper.